“When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on a new level of quality, and it is that quality that stimulates in the depths of our soul and drives our determination to fulfilling what we are gifted to become.”

I love being a fashion designer. It's not only my stress relief from my 9 to 5, but also from the craziness of the world. I design because it's a gift from God, as well as a desire to see women happy in what they have on when they wear one of my designs. I want them to feel the love and passion I put behind each piece. Women are made to be sexy no matter what size, height or age (noticed I said women), and I design with that in mind. I design how I feel each morning when I wake up...SEXY! Most of my designs are for women, but don't worry men I'm starting on you real soon, and I believe that when a woman walks into a room she should turn heads, which is what happens when you wear a BreJil Design because it is "Fashion that teases the imagination."