I’ve heard people that they are talented in so many areas, but they don't know which area of their talents to focus on. You have to know the difference between your talents and your gifts. Your gifts are your pathway to your success…where God is directing you. God blesses you with a gift and talents, but you have to know that your gift is what He gives you to focus 100% on, where He's taking you for your success, and your talents is what you venture into once you've achieved the success in the area He has ordained you to be successful in. Example, when you see a singer succeed in their gift of singing and then they venture off into acting, but are not truly successful in it as they are with their singing, that's because it's just a talent that they been given, and although they may be successful in acting, but just not as successful as they are with their singing – Beyonce – success in singing but not acting.

Although I love to write and I've authored three (3) books, poetry and a short play, my gift is being a fashion designer. I eat, sleep and breath fashion and once I've accomplished success in the gift that God has blessed me to be successful in I will then venture back into writing. First focus 100% into your gifts. Don’t try and work on your gift 50% of the time so that you can give your talents the other 50% because if you do you will never be 100% successful in either.
If you are confused between your gifts and your talents ask God for guidance and He will direct your paths. Normally if the first thing you think of doing when you get up in the morning (I.e., do you get in the mirror and model or sing, do you grab your sketch pad and start to draw or do you write), that's most likely where your gifts are. I wish you much success in your gifts.
Love and Blessings, Brenda