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 'Everyday Sexy'

 Models: (Top) Brenda Lynn, Rachel, Dozier & Renee (bottom) Dionna Barnes - Nashville, TN

Model: Icey



House of BreJil Business Description

House of BreJil Designs is setting its sites on making it happen...bringing Nashville to the forefront of the fashion industry. Birthed in 2004 by it's CEO-Brenda Y. Marlow (Head Fashion Designer) and Co-Owner-Jill Smith (Head Hair Designer) is set out to bring the biggest and best fashion shows ever to Nashville, TN. Determined to let the rest of the world know that Tennessee is not just about cowboy boots and hats, Elvis and Priscilla Presley, but also about FASHION! House of BreJil Designs has been credited with promoting alluring, yet positive images of models through media coverage, internet and producing some of the most upscale fashion productions. We pride ourselves in marketing through our fashion shows and photo shoots working with some of the best models Nashville has to offer.

Illuminating You 2010 Fashion & Hair Show - Opening Act

Video by: One Snap Video - William Duke, onesnapvideo@gmail.com

1st video - Opening model dance routine

2nd video - Scence one


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